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3 Reasons to Hire a Locksmith for a Mailbox Lock Replacement

If you’re asking yourself what a mailbox lock even is, you probably don’t need to know why it’s important to have these locks changed as you aren’t receiving your mail through a locked box. However, for those who do use a mailbox with a lock on it, it’s important to understand three main reasons why you will want to hire a locksmith to change these locks when the need arises.

Though some private homes purchase a lock for their mailbox, usually, condominiums, apartment complexes, or some neighborhoods have a central location where all of the resident mailboxes are all in one place where you go to get your mail after it has been delivered to your mailbox. This method of delivery makes it convenient for the postal worker to efficiently deliver mail to a large number of patrons all at once while still maintaining privacy for each individual mail recipient. You can only receive your mail if you have the key needed to open up the locked mailbox.

The concept is sound, but what happens when you have lost your keys? something goes wrong with the lock? or you move into a living space that had the mailbox assigned to the previous tenant? You may think that you simply go to your local post office and ask for a new lock or key, but that’s not exactly how it works. In each of these scenarios, it’s best to contact your local locksmith to come to you and change out the existing mailbox lock for a new one.

Always Replace your Mailbox Lock When you have Lost your Keys

Lost keys are more than just a nuisance and inconvenience when it comes to losing a mailbox key. State law requires that each locked box be fitted with its own key. This basically means that you cannot create a master key that unlocks a locked mailbox. This law exists to protect you from having your mail stolen from someone copying your key or creating a master. The most secure thing to do when you lose your mailbox key is to have a qualified locksmith change the lock to provide you with a brand new key to use.

Start Fresh as Soon as you Move in

The best time to get a new mailbox lock is right after you move into a new space. When you have just moved in and someone else had access to the mailbox prior, you will want to make sure to start fresh with a new lock and key set that you know for sure no one else has ever used. Starting with a brand new lock is the best way to go.

Replace Malfunctioning Locks

Malfunctioning or worn out mailbox locks need to be repaired or replaced. Not even the most expensive or highest quality lock and key are going to last forever. When you consider that often the locks that keep your mail safe and secure are outside and exposed to all types of extreme heat, cold, rain, or other weather conditions, it’s no wonder they wear out. When this happens, you need a new lock, and you need a skilled technician to help you out with this.

Contact a Professional

When you need a mailbox lock replacement, call us to help. We will arrive quickly, stocked with the latest technological tools and equipment needed to get you a new lock or perform necessary maintenance while maintaining the utmost in security.

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Mailbox Lock Change

Mailbox Lock Replacement In Denver CO

Are you someone who lives in Denver Colorado that might have lost your keys to your mailbox and need to have your mailbox lock change?

A lot of times people will make the mistake of going to their local post office to ask for a replica or an extra set of keys to their mailbox. We're sorry to say, but your post office will not have a spare key for you.

Mailbox Lock Change DenverIt's okay, at least you now know and won't be wasting any gas for a trip to your post office. If that is the case, then what can you do in this situation?

Changing your mailbox locks is actually extremely simple and is recommended for a locksmith to do. Call our Locksmith Denver 24 Hour, we will do it quickly and for a low rate today.

A local locksmith in Denver Colorado, such as yours truly Locksmith Denver! can assist you with a mailbox lock replacement in Denver within the next hour! and have it fully functional for both you and your mail/parcel delivery service provider.

What Makes Locksmith Denver Right For The Job?

We are equipped with the latest technology, our locksmiths can easily craft new keys, have your mailbox lock change and repair any damages.

Crafting New Mailbox Keys: Lost the keys to getting to your mailbox so that you can pay your bills? Don't wait and immediately get locksmiths to craft you a new set of keys for your mailbox within a matter of minutes! They have thousands of key blanks to help replace your missing keys or make a brand new one for a family member that needs it. However, a key can't be made for all mailbox locks and you will have to have your mailbox lock change.

Mailbox lock Replacement

 When you lose your keys to your mailbox, sometimes you have to switch out the locks as the state law requires that all mailboxes should be keyed differently. This simply means that there are no master keys that can be made to open your personal mailbox.

This is a safety concern if you think about it! as no one will be able to get into your mailbox unless they have your one and only keys.

Mailbox Lock Replacement When you buy a new lock to your mailbox, you need to be able to take out the old one in order to put in the new lock. Unless you know what you're doing or a locksmith yourself. Our locksmith Denver is qualified and trained to install new locks. Trust us that we can get it to you within an hour for a low price and a quick service!

Repairing Damaged locks and keys: Maybe your lock or your keys might have gotten damaged somehow. Depending on how severe the damage is. Our locksmith technicians can assess, and sometimes can quickly fix and have it good as new. Or you might be needing to have your mailbox locks change. If you will need to have your mailbox lock change, we will be able to do it the spot. 

What Should You Do?

In Locksmith Denver we are equipped with the latest technology that allows us to fix any security, locks, and key issues that you may have. Anytime when a key or lock issue arises give your friendly Locksmith Denver a call!

If you're in the Denver Colorado area, please give us a call today! We will get your mailbox lock change today!

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