The Most Common Myths About Locksmith Services

Professional locksmith services are used every day by people who lock themselves out of a car, home, or office. Some call upon their help in an emergency when they simply need to get back inside their home or office or back on the road again to make a very important meeting on time without an unexpected upset to their plans. Some rely on these services for more important matters of security, such as calling upon the help of a locksmith to re-key or change locks after a break in or to set up a high security system at home or at a commercial property.

Regardless of why you might need to call upon their services, it’s important to know that the locksmith you call to show up to work on the locks that keep you safe is legit. Because of their access to the locks and key systems that you rely on to stay safe, there are some myths that surround the locksmith industry. Here are the most common myths about locks services that you should know before hiring one a locksmith.

Myth: All Locksmiths Offer The Same Service Quality

It’s probably obvious to note that not every locksmith is the same. The level of quality or the type of service that you receive will vary from locksmith to locksmith. Sometimes there is a vastly noticeable differences. While some are experts at helping out with a lockout situation, others will only be able to help you with lock maintenance or possibly deal with automobile lock and key issues.

The best way to determine the quality of the service is to check out the level of expertise and how much experience the locksmith has. Typically, the more years of experience under their belt, the better quality of service they will deliver to you in your time of need.

Myth: All Locksmiths Are Certified

You would think that since locksmiths have been around for years, there would be an overall governing body across the board in every state to which they fairly and equally comply. While many states require locksmiths to obtain a license to practice their trade, some certifications are voluntary. Don’t ever make the assumption that because they call themselves professional that they are actually certified. Not every state requires the same level of certification. However, also don’t be fooled that being certified is the only way to obtain skills. It is possible for locksmiths to have the skills they offer without acquiring the proper certifications or license.

There is also a difference between being certified, licensed, or bonded. Each state or locale will lay out the guidelines for gaining license to conduct locksmith business in the area. A certification verifies that certain levels of skill and education has been obtain. And, being bonded or insured gives peace of mind to customers that should any damage or loss occur, they will be taken care of. A certified locksmith will ensure the best quality of service which is usually worth the price.

Generally speaking, to get an apprentice license, a tradesman will need to first pass a criminal history background check. Always check the credentials of a locksmith service before deciding to hire them. If you are able to take the time ahead of a scheduled service call, do a background check on the company to verify the certification.

Myth: Locksmiths Only Cut Keys And Show Up In An Emergency

Don’t cut them short. While, many are highly skilled and experienced in handling emergency lockout or lost key situations with great skill and calm in the face of your stressful situation, they are usually able to do so much more.  Most are also able to reprogram transponder keys on the spot or set you up with a keyless entry system with great skill. Locksmiths are more educated and trained than ever before to provide you with a comprehensive experience when it comes to locks and keys. They are able to install new locks or replace existing ones when you want to up your security level. Professional locksmiths are also able to add access control systems for commercial properties for restricted access. The best locksmiths will also be able to assess the level of security in your property and offer suggestions for how to improve your safety.

Myth: Locksmiths Ignore Using Necessary Tools To Pick Locks

Some view locksmiths as almost like nothing more than a legal or glorified break-in artist. Many people think that locksmiths don’t follow the latest techniques available to them and that they ignore the importance of using the right tools for the job to the point of even potentially damaging your locks.

The truth is that it takes a great deal of training and skill to become an expert locksmith technician. A fully trained and certified locksmith will comply with the latest standards and rely on the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art tools and equipment made available to them so they can efficiently perform their work.

Myth: Locksmiths are Too Expensive

When you are in a panic and needing to get your day back on track by gaining entrance to your locked-out car, home, or office, you may be willing to pay extra for the convenience and help. But, most emergency locksmith services don’t price gouge. Many offer affordable pricing that is well worth the fee. The costs depend on the location you are at as well as what work is involved in fixing the problem. Most will offer you a price quote before you decide to hire them, even on the phone when you’re in a tricky spot that demands immediate assistance. A reliable home or car locksmith is committed to help you when you need it most and will strive for customer satisfaction.

All it takes is a little bit of research to find the most reliable, trustworthy locksmith service that has prices to meet your budget. Verify their credentials and ensure that they are experienced in the services you need before hiring them. Obviously, when you are in an emergency setting you don’t have time to do the important leg work of background checking. That’s why it’s important to look around before you find yourself in a desperate spot. The bottom line is that there are reliable professional locksmiths who want nothing more but to meet your needs and help you out.

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Best Type Of Locks

Out of the common style of locks, which are the best type of locks, and how does the ANSI grading system work?

ANSI Grading System For Door Locks

The American National Standards Institute, abbreviated as ANSI, has established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each lock must pass rigorous testing for operation, security, cycles, door strikes, and weight testing. An ANSI rating of Grade 1 is the best.

ANSI Grade 1 – Grade 1 is the best and highest grade security available. All locks tested at this level meets commercial building requirements and is also available to be used for residential deadbolts. For a knob lock to be rated at the best rating, it must withstand 800,000 cycles, 6 door strikes, and 360-pound weight test. Deadbolts must withstand 250,000 cycles and 10 door strikes in a hammer test.

ANSI Grade 2 – Grade 2 is considered to be a better rating. Locks at the Grade 2 level exceeds standard residential security and building requirements while meeting light commercial building specifications. For a knob lock to be rated Grade 2, it must withstand 400,000 cycles, 4 door strikes, and a 250-pound weight test. A deadbolt must withstand 150,000 cycles and 5 door strikes with a hammer test.

ANSI Grade 3 – Grade 3 is considered to be a good rating and meets residential building requirements but not commercial requirements. For a knob lock to receive a Grade 3 rating, it must withstand 200,000 cycles, 2 door strikes, and a 150-pound weight test. A deadbolt must withstand 100,000 cycles and 2 door strikes with a hammer test.

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Styles of Locks

Knob Locks

Probably the most used type of locks is knob locks. Knob locks are used on a variety of doors from the front entrance to the patio or garage door. Knob locks have a door know on both sides of the door. One side has a lock button that you turn to lock or unlock, and the other side of the door has a keyhole that requires a key to be inserted to lock and unlock. The keyhole is usually placed on the outside of the door. Knob locks are commonly used but are also one of the most unsecure locks available as they can easily be broken or picked. 

Lever Handle Locks

As the name implies, these locks have a handle and are usually found on interior doors. If the handle lock has a lever, they don't require a key. You simply push or twist a button.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are typically found on the front or main entry doors as they provide the most secure form of keyed lock protection at the most affordable cost. Deadbolts use a metal bolt that slides into the door jam. The bolt is controlled by inserting a key and turning. Within the deadbolt style of locks, there are single deadbolts which have a lock turn on the inside and a keyhole on the outside, a double deadbolt lock that has a keyhole on both sides of the door, a jimmy-proof deadbolt, and captive deadbolts.

Keyless Entry Pad Locks

Keyless entry padlocks are controlled electronically. Deadbolts are also available with keyless entry pads. They require a code to slide the deadbolt open. They cost more to install but provide a high level of security.

Find the best style and grade of lock for your residential or commercial security needs. Do your research, and ask a qualified and knowledgeable professional locksmith Denver to determine the best type of lock for your needs.

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Reasons For Changing Your Locks After Moving To A New Office

6 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Locks After Moving Into a New Office

Owning or renting office space puts you in charge of the business. This means that you are the one who reaps the benefits of profit when your company is doing well. It also means you are the one responsible to ensure the safety and security of your office building, its contents, and the employees who work there.

One simple step you can take to make sure your new office is secure is to change the locks. Unless you are the very first occupant of the office, you just don’t know who has a copy of the key that allows access to the building. This should always be the first thing you do before moving anything or anyone into the new office space.

When you move into a new office, there are six reasons why you should change your locks. These reasons include general maintenance issues of locks wearing out over time, handling lost keys or key control after an employee quits or gets fired, knowing what after-hour cleaning or maintenance crew to trust with a copy of your keys, keeping your office safe after reported break-in attempts, and always staying up to date with the best technology to keep your office and workers protected.

Maintain your Locks

It may not sound like a huge safety concern, but the general maintenance of locks calls for you to change them every so many years. Depending on the manufacturer, the exact amount of useful time a lock will function varies. Since, when you move into a new office, you’re never really sure when the locks were last changed or maintained, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get a new locking system in place from the start. After that, be on the lookout for rust or wear and tear, and have routine maintenance and cleaning performed on a regular basis.

Change your Locks After an Employee is Fired or Quits

When an employee is fired or quits, it’s quite often an emotional time. Occasionally, one of these disgruntled employees will attempt to retaliate by trying to enter the office with harmful intent. Even if they turned in their keys upon leaving, they may have made a copy for themselves or for a friend or family member who may not have the best intentions in mind. Ensure the safety of your building and the workers by making it company policy to change the locks and keys whenever there is a shift in employment.

Only Give your Keys to Those You Trust

Turnover in after-hour cleaning or landscaping personnel can also be a cause for alarm. If you give a copy of your office keys to cleaning, maintenance, or landscaping personnel who have access to the building before or after business hours, it’s imperative that you have fully screened and trust them. However, when there is a change in personnel, even if they return their set of keys to you, it’s important to make sure you change the locks since you don’t know if they have made another copy.

After a Break-In Start with a Fresh Set of Locks

Break-in attempts either directly to your office or in the area is always an urgent situation to address, even if the break-in reported was nearby and not targeted to your door. Make sure your business is as burglar-proof as possible by installing a new locking system.

When you Don’t Know Where your Keys Are, Change the Locks

Lost keys is the number one reason people call for a locksmith’s help. But, the problem of losing a key runs so much deeper than a matter of inconvenience. Think about it. When you lose your keys, you don’t know for sure whether or not someone has it and is planning a break-in. Now, imagine an office that is filled with numerous employees, some of whom have misplaced their keys. This could pose a huge security issue with several copies of the key potentially in the hands of someone who could cause harm.

Know When it’s Time to Upgrade to a Keyless Option

Know when to upgrade to electronic keypad locks. For you and your employees’ utmost protection, stay up to date with the latest in technology. Newer locks are being made that don’t require a key at all. Many are designed with a keyless entry system that involves your only needing to remember a specific code. And, these codes can easily be changed whenever necessary. Additional advances in technology make your business even more secure with fingerprint, retina or face recognition options.

Find a Local Locksmith You Can Trust

Regardless of what types of locks you have chosen to keep your new office safe and secure, it’s always a great idea to have a local commercial locksmith on hand whom you trust to service your locks, give recommendations, or be there in a hurry in the case of an emergency. Be sure to interview local professionals and know who to call for help before you move into your new office.

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When Is Panic Hardware required On exit Doors

Feeling secure and relying on your door locks to keep you safe inside is a good feeling unless of course, you are in a room full of people and there is an emergency that leaves a potentially panicked mass stampede of those all trying to find a way to exit the building at once. This is the moment you will be thankful that your facility adhered to the legal requirements and recommendations to install panic hardware on their egress, exit, doors to make it easier for everyone to get out safely.

When is panic hardware required on exit doors?

Panic hardware is installed and used on doors as an exit device. It is usually only installed on doors that are required by law to have panic hardware. International Building Code IBC only requires this type of hardware on buildings:

with specific high-traffic or high-hazard occupancy, such as educational or assembly facilities with more than 50 people.

Some examples of high-hazard facilities include rooms that run equipment with more than 600 volts or more than 800 amps, boiler, incinerator, refrigeration machinery, or furnace rooms as well as some electrical rooms.

The idea behind panic hardware is to allow a way out of the building in the case of an emergency. Panic hardware cannot be used on a fire door because of the danger of trapping people inside during a fire.

Sometimes, panic hardware is called fire exit hardware, or they may be referred to as egress doors. Basically, if a door doesn’t have a lock with a push/pull or a latch, the door is not legally required to need panic hardware. Though, just because you may not be required by code to install panic hardware on your door, you still have the option to do so.

If your building is required by code to have panic hardware in place, you will need to understand what all this entails. The type of hardware you use is important.

Some key features to keep in mind:

  • The actuating portion of the exit device needs to be at least half the width of the actual door.
  • It should not require more than 15 pounds of force to unlatch it.
  • You should never add a chain lock, padlock, an extra deadbolt, or any electric latches or components that would delay the opening of an egress panic hardware equipped door.
  • If you use a touch pad, it must never extend more than half the width of the door, starting from the side with the latch.
  • Depending on your location, your panic hardware may be required to meet testing standards to withstand a tornado or hurricane.

One common characteristic of most panic hardware is that it has a dogging feature. These dogging features allow the latches to be held in a retracted position in order to create a push/pull function. When the device is dogged, it is unlatched or unlocked, and you will be able to pull the door open.

When selecting the panic hardware for your doors, you have several options and styles, but three are the most common and include the

The touch pad the most common style for modern buildings. Flexible when an electrified option is required.

Touchpad Style Panic Hardware Secure Locksmith Denver

The crossbar usually will be used for glass doors, but the electrified options are limited because of the lack of space.

The Crossbar Secure Locksmith Denver

Recessed panic hardware will require a cut out in the door but will reduce the projection of the hardware from the door.

Recessed Exit Device Secure Locksmith Denver

There are a couple of types to use depending on whether you have one door or a pair. These types include Rim or Mortise. The Rim device is mounted on the surface of the door, whereas the Mortise is installed inside the door with the panic hardware mounted on the face of the door. There are also Vertical Rod/Cable or Multi-Point options. The Vertical Rod/Cable style is usually used on pairs of doors. The Multi-Point combines vertical rods with a Rim device to allow 3-point latching. Once you decide on the functionality of your panic hardware, you will be able to select from trims, controls, and a variety of finishes. In some cases, you can also choose to add Electric Latch Retraction ELR.

Not all buildings are required to have these type of exit devices, but some choose to install them regardless for safety sake. These legal requirements are often revised, but you can always stay up to date by first referring to the latest information provided by The Life Safety Code NFPA 101 as well as the International Building Code IBC.

The panic hardware requirements vary depending upon the year and other factors:

  • 2006 and 2009 IBC requires panic hardware on egress doors in educational and other buildings with 50 or more occupants.
  • 2000 and 2003 IBC requires panic hardware on egress doors in educational and other buildings with 100 or more occupants.
  • NFPA 101 is the Life Safety Code encompasses high hazard occupancies with 100 occupants or more.


Are you looking to install panic hardware on your doors? For more information, give us a call 24/7 at (720) 575-2484 today. We will be happy to help serve your door hardware requirement needs.

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Electronic & Keypad Locks

Smart Locks and Electronic Keypads

Keyless Entry Pros, Cons, and Best Sellers

One of the top calls a locksmith receives daily is for a lockout situation where someone has lost their keys and cannot get into their own home. Advancements in technology are changing this, however. In fact, you soon may be able to almost completely eliminate the need to carry a physical key at all. Today, you have several smart locks or electronic keypad locks from which to choose. Imagine being able to enter your home with just a push of a button. Some electronic locks don’t even require your need to remember a pass-code, as they use bio-metric scans of your fingerprint, retina, or face recognition. Essentially, you become the key to unlock your front door.

You probably understand how a basic key works with a pin tumbler or deadbolt lock. These locks have kept us safe for years with only a few drawbacks, one of which is when you lose the key. Electronic and key-less entry keypad locks allow you the freedom of never worrying again about losing your keys or the burden of carrying around a cumbersome key-chain. You simply enter a number code that can be changed whenever necessary or gain entry through use of a bio-metric code. These locks operate through the use of an electrical current or batteries.

Pros and Cons of Electronic & Keypad Locks

In addition to not having to keep track of a physical key, these electronic locks work great for allowing children to let themselves in after school or to assign a separate code for a dog walker or cleaning crew to use. Smart locks tend to be fairly easy to install and extremely easy to use. Most models light up for you to see more clearly in the dark, and they come in many different styles to custom design for personalized installation on your home and personal preferences.

In fact, there are so many benefits to using smart lock technologies that the only potential problems with using electronic locks are minimal, such as if an electrical circuit is interrupted or batteries wearing out and needing to be replaced. Depending on the model you choose, the bio-metric code could fail to be either too accepting or too exact. Thankfully, these issues generally tend to be rare. Though, with any technology, there is often a learning curve or time needed to adjust to a specific make, model, or design of the electronic keypad or smart lock technology. Just be sure to select a brand that offers reliable customer service, and it doesn’t hurt to have a knowledgeable and skilled locksmith on hand to call if you ever run into trouble.

Best selling smart locks and key-less entry options

Some of the best selling brands include August Smart Lock that is smart home compatible with Apple Home-Kit, Xfinity, and Nest. It connects through Bluetooth technologies and offers an optional number pad with unlimited code possibilities and a convenient app. It works as a deadbolt and offers a feature that automatically locks or unlocks the door when your arms are full and alerts you when you leave the door open. The model offers you the option of adding a keypad or a doorbell camera as well.

One of the best value electronic locks is the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt. This lock offers top-notch security at a budget-friendly price. It is compatible with Alexa and comes with a number pad that offers up to 30 codes. Currently, there is not an app for this lock, but it can be connected for remote control through a smart home hub. It also offers the highest security ratings and sounds an ear-piercing alarm if someone tries to break in.

The Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt T1L is another very good option for a key-less entry lock. Besides its small, unobtrusive design, one of its nice features is that the lock can use a 9-volt battery for emergency access if the battery should fail. This lock is compatible with Alexa, Samsung Smart-things, and Wink and uses Z-Wave connectivity.

For bio-metric smart lock technology, ENTR from Mul-T-Lock allows you to use your fingerprint as your key. For backup, you can also use a key for or an app. This lock design will automatically lock if the door is closed for a few seconds, so you don’t even have to remember to lock up.

With so many options available to keep you and your home secure without the worry of ever losing your keys again, why not consider a smart lock or a key-less entry with an electronic keypad? Contact one of our local professional locksmiths to get started with selecting the best lock option for your specific needs and budget.

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Best Locks Brands

The most important quality to look for when installing new locks is security. Of course, how the lock works and functions, as well as the cost, is important as well. When it comes to locks, some of the brands have made a name for themselves in terms of quality and performance. Here are some great tips on what to look for when choosing the best locks brands.

Locks are graded on a system known as ANSI The American National Standards Institute. ANSI established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each lock must pass operational and security tests which are comprised of cycles, door strikes, and weight tests. Grade 1 is the best and highest grade security available, Grade 2 is better, with Grade 3 being Good.

Deadbolts provide the highest level of security for residential doors. They are named, “dead' because they do not contain springs. They contain either a single-cylinder operated with a key from the outside and a turn button on the inside or as a double-cylinder that has a key on both sides and are highly secure but also pose potential safety issues when a quick emergency exit is necessary.

Some of the best lock brands available are:

Yale Deadbolt Locksmith DenverYale

In Europe, Yale locks have a name that is synonymous with all brands of locks, much like Kleenex is in the US. Yale locks are widely considered to be the creators of modern day pin tumbler locks.  All other pin tumbler style locks are based upon the work and design of Linus Yale, Jr. and Henry R. Towne. The locks are well constructed and are often sold with two or more spool pins.

Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin offers locks brands that are known for their durability and strength, making them ideal for commercial grade facilities and schools or other high traffic institutions. These locks are easy to service and replace.


The Mul-T-Lock brand is trusted for the strength of the silhouette's bicep flex design, which creates a very secure lock that is difficult to pick.

RR Brink

The RR B Brink brand is the most trusted brand of lock and is used on the highest security locks, like prisons. The lock is a large mortise cylinder.


Medeco locks brands are a very trusted brand as they offer ten locking systems that offer an environmentally friendly CEF Certified Environmental Facts multi-attribute certification. Medeco also offers eCylinder and wireless locking systems.

Schlage Bolt Locksmith DenverSchlage

Schlage is a well-known lock brand among locksmiths. They offer both keyless entries and keyed locks. They are a leader in the industry, known for their lock security solutions for home and office needs. Schlage locks are readily available in most home improvement stores. They provide a sturdier construction and are harder to pick or bump than the cheapest brands, though they are only slightly more expensive.

Kwikset Locksmith DenverKwikset

Kwikset locks brands offer a SmartKey technology which allows you to re-key your lock yourself, making it appealing for rental properties and businesses where locks changes are often needed. Kwikset locks are on almost every door in the United States. Their standard lock is the most affordable lock brand available, which is easy on the pocket book but not necessarily the smartest security move. These locks are typically the easiest to pick or bump open.


Arrow locks brands place a strong emphasis on security while keeping their locks affordable with professional-grade engineering. They are specifically designed for security professionals. Their locks are often used in schools, universities, libraries.


Sargent locks brands are known to be very secure and are used in schools and hospitals where there are high traffic and a high need for security. They offer key-less entry, fobs, keypad locking systems, and keyed entries.

Kaba Ilco

This company offers an all-inclusive electronic key card system and mobile access solutions. Homeowners as well as apartment complexes, rental vacation property owners often turn to this brand as their first option.


Baldwin Locksmith DenverBaldwin Locks brands are available at most home improvement stores. It is a trusted brand that is decent quality, designed with solid construction. Baldwin makes strong locks with solid construction and thick enough to withstand bumping break-in attempts. A reliable lock can also be aesthetically pleasing to match your home design style. Baldwin offers traditional and contemporary hardware options that complement the look of your home or office while giving you peace of mind for security with knobs, key-less entry, levers, pocket door locks and deadbolt options.


Falcon locks brands are found in high-level security buildings, like the White House, prisons, and the Pentagon. With a focus on functionality, Falcon offers automatic door locks, touch bar exits.


Adams-Rite offers locking systems that are ready for industrial environments. They offer an electrified strike and latch, eLatch, and electric door locking systems that ensure high levels of security with ease of control.

Your security rests on the quality of your locks. Find out which brand of lock is best for your needs by contacting a qualified and knowledgeable locksmith today!

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The Importance of Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt Lock Installation In Denver CO

You're careful to make sure you have working locks on your home or business, so how important is it to also have a deadbolt lock installed?

A good lock adds an additional point of security. Typically, doors have a spring lock inside the handle and then add a deadbolt lock for extra safety measures to prevent break-ins. According to the FBI, sixty percent of break-ins occur by use of force. If a burglar tries to kick in your locks, a deadbolt lock provides extra strength.

Deadbolt Lock Change Denver There is, of course, one main occurrence when a deadbolt won't protect you, and it's the result of a very simple yet careless action of forgetting to remove the key from the deadbolt when you enter. If a criminal sees the key, he or she has immediate and easy access to open your door, deadbolt or not. Another easy-to-remedy deadbolt failure is when you turn the lock but haven't really bolted the deadbolt securely. Even the most expensive and complex deadbolt is not going to offer protection for you and your family unless it's bolted properly. For extra security measures, ask about a twofold chamber deadbolt.

Often when a deadbolt meant to protect seems to have failed, it is really the door jamb that has broken and not the lock. Make sure your deadbolt offers the highest level of protection! by fortifying the strike plates with longer screws that are mounted into wall studs.

Contact Locksmith Denver For Immediate Deadbolt Lock Installation 

Have you recently moved into a new home, apartment, or office building? or don't know how many keys to your doors are out there in the hands of someone you don't trust? always have your locks changed and consider adding a deadbolt for added security. Contact our professional Locksmith Denver to discuss the importance of having a deadbolt lock installed on your doors.

Contact us at (720) 575-2484 for any deadbolt locks and doorknobs question 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week.  

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When To Change Locks

When to change locks for your home, business or car?

You searched your handbag for your house keys, but can't seem to find it. You looked around in the car, rechecked the key hanger and other places where you usually leave them. If you still can't locate the keys, it is likely that you've misplaced them. The first thought that strikes you at that moment is to call a professional locksmith to open the door. However soon or later, you will have to consider changing the locks on your home because a lost of bunch of keys put your property and possessions at stake.

There are many more situations that call for locks change services. A vast majority of people rent out properties as an investment. Although not a compulsion, a change of locks is always recommended when you switch tenants. You might also need a change of locks if you are considering ways to upgrade the security of your home or business. A professional locksmith like Locksmith Denver can handle the task for you. They are trained in the trade. They also have the necessary equipment to open jammed locks and fix broken units.   

When to change locks for your business?

Business Change Locks DenverA business owner knows he needs to call a locksmith Denver when one of his employees admits that he has lost his copy of the business' door key. When this happens, the locks for every door, need changing or re-keyed. A professional locksmith like Locksmith Denver responds quickly! arriving at the business to remove the old door locks and install new locks.

If the locks are high-security door locks, these will be replaced with a new set of high-security locks, they will bring the locks with them.

When to change locks for your home?

Homeowners and their family members find that they need to replace their house keys. If one family member's house key has broken off in a door lock, that key portion has to be removed. The door lock may also need replacement which will make it a good thing to re-key locks in the rest of the house to much the same key.  The locksmith who responds to the service call will remove the broken key from the door lock, and then examine that lock for any damn the broken key may have caused. if the door locks need to be replaced, they will bring several matching sets back from his truck and replace all door locks.   Homeowners may change their locks when moving to a new house or apartment or post-burglary.

After a homeowner has been burglarized, he has to look at every measure possible to increase his home's security. This can include changing screen doors to security doors and replacing hollow-core doors for solid-core doors. The homeowner can also think about having a home security system installed.

When to change locks for your vehicle?

Vehicle Change Lock DenverWhile locksmiths replace home and business locks, they are equipped to do the same for vehicles. For the wide range of vehicle makes and models it will be possible to re-make a new car key for the existing car locks and ignition. 

When the owner's car keys get stuck inside the ignition, this is a situation a professional and well-equipped locksmith like Locksmith Denver can address. They will extract the stuck key and examine the ignition for any possible damage. They may recommend that the ignition will be replaced when they see an inner damage. 

Locksmith Denver can assist with all! new car keys and ignition repair for most vehicles and to assist with a lockout service around the clock 24 hours.

Call Locksmith Denver For Fast & Professional Mobile Locksmith At (720) 575-2484