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Top Safe Brands

Best Safes To Buy

It’s quite simple! You buy a safe to keep something valuable protected from theft, fire, or flood damage. But, when it’s time to buy a safe, how do you know what to look for, and what are some of the best safes to buy? Secure Locksmith Denver advice:

Consider Your Options

First, look for the safe that is going to offer the most protection for the items you are looking to store inside. Next, consider whether you want a traditional mechanical lock that will require periodic maintenance or an electronic lock that won’t. For the ultimate in protection, get a safe that offers two types of locks to open the safe. Size is also an important consideration. To be certain you purchase a large enough safe, put everything you want to store inside in one area, and measure the stack. This will be your minimum starting point in terms of size. Allow a little space to add additional items later. Also consider the safe’s portability. For the utmost in protection, get one that can be bolted down. Finally, your budget is going to be the determining factor in which safe you decide to get. Keep in mind that it is an investment in keeping your valuables protected, but there is no need to go overboard with overpriced features you don’t need.

Best Selling Safe Brands Have Many Features

Some of the best selling brands available include brands you’ve no doubt heard of as well as some you may not be familiar with. One commonly recognized brand comes from First Alert. The First Alert 2092DF Waterproof Fire Safe resists fairly hot fires, and as the name implies, is also waterproof. The safe is a nice size to offer storage of a variety of objects.

First Alert - Locksmith DenverFirst Alert

First Alert is a popular brand whose name has become a household word, because of their home safety items that they sell, such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and security cameras. First Alert carries solid steel fire safes that are great for home security needs.

Gardall Safe - Locksmith DenverGardall  

Gardall Safes are known in the US and internationally as the manufacturer of premium quality safes and security products. The brand name has been known for decades to devote itself to building the most secure and toughest safes. Gardall safes will protect your important papers and valuables from theft and fire.

American Security Gun Safe - Locksmith DenverAmerican Security  

American Security safes, often abbreviated as Amsec, is among the world's top producers of safes that protect your important items from burglary and are fire resistant. The company manufactures more than 50,000 high-quality safes every year, made in America.

While it is on the expensive end, American Security AMSEC UL1511 is a heavy, fire-resistant option that is durable and tamper proof. The cost accounts for some very important features. Namely, its ability to keep your stored valuables safe in extremely hot fire, can be dropped from 30 feet and offers an electronic lock that allows you to create a million different combinations, making the options almost limitless.

Honeywell Safe - Locksmith DenverHoneywell

Honeywell has been known for years to be a quality safes brand with steel safes for commercial and home use. They offer state-of-the-art customer service and warranties. In recent years, all of the Honeywell safes have begun to be changed over to the First Alert Company.

Sentry Safe - Locksmith DenverSentry

Sentry Safes is a pioneer in the safes industry. The company is family owned, and they take pride in their workmanship. They offer many sizes and styles of Safes for your every need. Every Sentry safe goes through rigorous testing by ETL and UL to make sure they will stand up to a burglary attempt, fire, or water damage.

SentrySafe 0500 Fire Chest. This safe offers an affordable, highly rated fire-resistant option rated to keep your items inside protected in up to a half hour of hot fire temps. The only possible downside to this model is that it is portable. Of course, the portability makes it easy to grab in case of an emergency, but it also makes it easier to steal. If you are wanting to keep your valuables secure but are on a budget, this safe offers a full-range of pros.

Protex Safe - Locksmith DenverProtex

The Protex Safe Company manufactures, imports and distributes security products, including safes. They have decades of experience manufacturing high-quality electronic safes and offers a unique electronic lock as an option. This lock is a digital electronic lock. Protex guarantees all of their products for functionality and backs them with great customer service.

Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe is a nice option, keeping valuables secure. Though, it does tend to be on the smaller side and is not fireproof, it can easily be mounted inside most walls.

Hollon Safes - Locksmith DenverHollon

The Hollon Safe Company is a United States, family owned company that works out of Texas. Hollon offers a wide variety of home, office, fire, gun, wall, and hotel safes. The company believes strongly in strengths in design to ensure their products last. Their safes go through stringent testing and inspections before they are sold. The family-owned business also believes in the community and gives back a percentage of their profits to charitable and civic organizations within the US.


Like other security devices, safes have progressed alongside technology offering smart safe options. Verifi S6000 Smart Safe comes with an FBI approved fingerprint scanner, auto lock, and tamper alerts. The top-notch fingerprint scanner allows you to have full control and to remove access approval from individual fingerprint users at any time. All of this technology doesn’t come cheap, but may be worth it in the long run.


Another smart safe is the Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe that has a fingerprint scanner, allowing up to 15 authorized users. It also comes with locking bolts for the utmost in security. This model is costly and a bit on the small side, but could be the perfect smart safe solution for you.


BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe also has a fingerprint scanner and offers up to 30 different authorized personal scans with an affordable price tag, typically less than $150. Its small size may be a downside, but not necessarily. The size allows you to hide it easily under your desk or in a closet and still allows enough inside space to store documents or jewelry.

A Final Word of Advice Before you Choose a Safe

Whatever safe you choose, research the options before you buy. First figure out how much security you need, what you are going to store inside, and try to stay within your budget if at all possible. It is also a good idea to then have the safe properly installed and bolted to prevent theft of the entire unit. Contact one of our knowledgeable technicians to ask for recommendations on which safe best fits your needs.

There are other companies who make safes, but the ones listed are among the top safe brands in the country. Research and find the best brand for your locks and safe needs.

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Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith Near Me 

Buy local is a nice idea in a nationalized business world, but when it comes to hiring a locksmith there is more to consider than merely supporting a local business. The locksmith you want to call has a local number or area code listed, and you don't have a preference as far as what locksmith handles your lock and key needs, so why does it matter whether or not there is a local locksmith near me in the Mile-High City, Denver area?

The reason it matters is the locksmith is nearby the Denver area, like locksmith Denver, comes down to safety and convenience as well as cost and overall quality of work. Reliable, qualified locksmiths tackle a huge variety of lock and key needs which are able to be performed at any time, but when something goes wrong, people call a locksmith and need quality services delivered in a hurry. You do not have time to patiently start interviewing locksmiths You need help, and you need it now.

When Local is Really National

Not every locksmith who advertises as being local is really what they say. Many national professional locksmith companies advertise locally. These national companies often use a local phone number so they appear local, but they are not. They advertise as being local, but when you need them, your call is redirected to a national call center. These call centers will keep up the facade of being local and even quote you a cheap price telling you a professional local locksmith is on the way. In reality, the locksmith that has been dispatched is most likely subcontracted or not properly qualified to properly provide you the services you need.

Local Companies make it a priority to build a trusting client relationship with you. This is something a national call center does not care about because it doesn't matter to them if you are located in your city or another city they service.

Stay Safe and Know That Help is on the Way

When you have a lock and key emergency or are in a dangerous area late at night, you need help, and you need it fast. There is no time to wait for endless minutes that turn into hours for someone to arrive from a national call center locksmith service. When you call a local locksmith near me, you can be assured that help is coming in a hurry. Trustworthy local locksmiths nearby know that your safety is important.

As if showing up to help in an emergency wasn't enough, local professionals, like Locksmith Denver technicians, care about developing a working relationship with their local clients. So, we show up in a hurry to help you out of an urgent situation and complete the work well. We work to build a trusting relationship with all of our local clients so that you call us with your every locksmith need.

Convenience at an Affordable Price

Get keys duplicated, locks re-keyed or changed, have a safe, key-less entry or security system installed, get inside your home, office, car, or get your trunk opened without any damage to your locks, in a matter of minutes not days. Rest easy and know the importance of having a local locksmith nearby for Locksmith Denver needs. Even if it's not an emergency, knowing that a professional locksmith is close by and on the way means that your wait time is cut by seconds, minutes, and even hours or days.

Start comparing local locksmith companies now, and then keep the number of the trusted locksmith service in your area which best meets your needs before you find yourself in an emergency. When an emergency lock and key need arises, you will know who to call. Call the nearby locksmith you trust. Locksmith Denver technicians will show up in 30 minutes or less to help without charging you a fortune or wasting your time.

If you live in the Mile-High City, Denver area, call a local locksmith near me company who really is nearby and ready to show up to your location quickly. For a locksmith near me in Denver, CO call Locksmith Denver At (720) 575-2484.

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Replacement Key Fob

You probably have become so accustomed to using key fobs that you don’t even think twice. This little electronic device makes it convenient for you to remotely unlock, lock, arm or disarm an alarm system, or perform other necessary functions with the touch of a button. As amazing and convenient as it is, if something goes wrong with them, understanding the way they work can be confusing.

Don’t let these advancements in technology confuse or baffle you. Though the methods have upgraded over time, the basics are the same – a key still opens a lock.

What is a Key Fob and How does it work?

These electronic key fobs simply make it possible to operate the lock and key without inserting an actual key into a keyhole to turn. The idea has been very effective in helping to prevent vehicle theft. Like most other things in our world, keys are progressing along keeping pace with technology. These key fobs contain a transmitter that allows it to electronically communicate a signal to a receiving unit that is programmed to respond to the transmission. The words, transmitter, and responder are often combined to create the term, transponder key or transponder key fob. Some have the actual key attached to the key fob, others have a metal key hidden inside, while some contain no actual physical key at all. It is all electronic. Regardless of the style, in order for the transponder key fob to work properly, it must first be programmed to sync with a specific vehicle.

The key fobs usually operate on a battery that won’t last forever. Eventually, it will need to be replaced. You can do this yourself if you know what you’re doing. However, if you don’t want to risk it not working after a battery replacement, it never hurts to call for help to get this done properly.

When You Have Lost Your Key Fob

While they function as a remote control unit, if you lose the key fob, you have lost the ability to send signals to the receiver. If you have lost your key fob, or it has been stolen, or you have it in hand but it is not working properly, you will need to get a replacement key fob. In order to program, sync, and replace the key fob, you will need to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle and be prepared to show proof of ownership before a locksmith technician will be able to help get you set up with the reprogramming.

Losing car keys happens every day to someone, and it’s a fairly routine step to call a locksmith to get you back into your vehicle and cut a new set of keys. But, what happens if you lose your key fob or if it is stolen? This is more than a key that can be duplicated. To get you back on the road again, you will need to have your electronic key fob properly programmed and synced with your specific vehicle.

Replacement Key Fob Coast

The price for reprogramming a key fob remote is going to be entirely dependent upon the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Key Fob Replacement - Secure Locksmith Denver


What If My Duplicate Key Doesn’t Work?

Before a transponder key fob will work, it will need to be programmed to your individual and specific vehicle. If this process is done professionally by a locksmith or car dealer, they will ensure the key fob is synced properly with your vehicle before you use it.

Find a qualified locksmith to help with your replacement key fob needs by calling a locksmith who handles automotive needs.

Keyless Entry Remote Systems

If you currently have or have had a remote for your car, it has a keyless entry system. If you bought the vehicle without the remote key fob, a car dealership will be able to verify if it has a keyless entry system available based upon the Vehicle Identification Number VIN.

Do I Have The Correct Remote Key Fob?

If you have lost your key fob or your vehicle did not come with one and want to make sure it is the proper key fob remote that belongs to your vehicle, match the part number on the back of the remote and the functions on the front. If you have lost your key fob, your car dealership can provide you with a part number based on that VIN.

Should I buy An Original Manufacture Key Fob Or An Aftermarket?

You may be tempted to save money and buy a replacement key fob that you can program yourself. If you are savvy with technology, this could work for you. But, if something goes wrong, you will end up spending more money, time, and frustration. Your transponder key or electronic key fob originally came from the car manufacturer and was programmed specifically for that make and model of vehicle. You can buy a replacement key fob to be programmed, but be wary of purchasing an aftermarket key fob online, because they easily break during shipment and sometimes they can't be programmed.

Not Working After Battery Replacement

Like any working battery, the battery inside the electronic key fob does wear out, but it is not always the malfunctioning part. The remote portion inside can go bad or become damaged as well. If this is the case, you will need to replace the entire key fob remote. Most replacements come with at least a 90-day warranty, but be sure to ask before you buy it to make sure especially if you purchase it online since electronics can be faulty or break during shipping.

Locksmith Handle Replacement Key Fob

When you need a replacement key fob, immediately contact one of our professional technicians who is knowledgeable of and works with key fob reprogramming often. These technicians are so familiar with electronic key fobs that they can get you set up in a lot less time than it would take to make an appointment and wait at your car dealership for the same service.

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