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Replacement Key Fob

As complicated as they may seem to be on the inside, electronic key fobs are convenient tools to hold in your hand to provide you with remote unlocking, locking, alarm systems, and other features. Key fobs have a transponder built in that electronically communicates with the vehicle to prevent theft. They key won’t work unless it is programmed properly to sync with your particular vehicle. These key fobs usually require a battery to operate properly. And, of course, if you have lost key fob, that’s an entirely new problem.

When you have lost your key fob, or if it was stolen or broken, you need a replacement key fob. No two key fobs are the same. Replacing these key fobs depend largely on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

Here are some other important bits of information to keep in mind when it comes to replacement key fob:

  • Often, you can program a key fob yourself but will need instructions as well as sometimes two original key fobs for proper programming to be done.
  • Locksmiths and car dealerships are able to provide you with replacement key fob, with the car dealership generally charging quite a bit more than a locksmith would for the same services.
  • The process of duplicating key fobs is set up with a system to prevent criminals, making it difficult for a thief to purchase an aftermarket key fob, program it, and steal your car.
  • Always Ask about warranty and technical support before buying a replacement key fob.

Replacement Key Fob - Locksmith DenverWhen You Have Lost Your Keys

Lost, stolen, or broken car keys are easy to replace through your automotive locksmith or car dealership. Traditional keys are easy to cut and duplicate. Electronic key fobs that have metal keys attached allow the key section to be cut, while the electronic section will need to be programmed to match your specific vehicle.

Replacement Key Fob Cost 

The cost to replace an electronic key fob largely depends on the type of key required. If your vehicle is an older model, the cost will be lower than if you have a brand new, state-of-the-art vehicle packed with all the latest computer technology.

Can I Program The Key Fob Myself?

No two vehicles are the same when it comes to a key fob. Each vehicle has a different procedure for programming a new remote. Some remotes are able to be programmed rather easily and quickly, while others require a professional to do the programming. A local car dealership or an automotive locksmith will be able to program key fobs. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may also have to have the key cut by code.

What If My Duplicate Key Doesn’t Work?

Before a transponder key fob will work, it will need to be programmed to your individual and specific vehicle. If this process is done professionally by a locksmith or car dealer, they will ensure the key fob is synced properly with your vehicle before you use it.

Find a qualified locksmith to help with your replacement key fob needs by calling a locksmith who handles automotive needs.

The price for cutting and programming key fobs remotes are completely based upon what your make, model and year of car entail. There are unprogrammed key fobs that you can purchase and attempt to do it yourself, but the steps are seemingly endless and complicated with no guarantee of a satisfactory end result. 

Key Fob - Locksmith DenverKeyless Entry Remote Systems

If you currently have or have had a remote for your car, it has a keyless entry system. If you bought the vehicle without the remote key fob, a car dealership will be able to verify if it has a keyless entry system available based upon the Vehicle Identification Number VIN.

Do I Have The Correct Remote Key Fob?

If you have lost your key fob or your vehicle did not come with one and want to make sure it is the proper key fob remote that belongs to your vehicle, match the part number on the back of the remote and the functions on the front. If you have lost your key fob, your car dealership can provide you with a part number based on that VIN.

Aftermarket Key Fobs

Most key fobs and keyless entry remotes are from the original equipment manufacturer. There are after marker key fobs available for programming.

Not Working After Battery Replacement

Like any working battery, the battery inside the electronic key fob does wear out, but it is not always the malfunctioning part. The remote portion inside can go bad or become damaged as well. If this is the case, you will need to replace the entire key fob remote. Most replacements come with at least a 90-day warranty, but be sure to ask before you buy it to make sure especially if you purchase it online since electronics can be faulty or break during shipping.

Locksmiths Handle Replacement Key Fob 

When in doubt, contact a professional who understands and works with replacement key fob as a part of their job. Many qualified locksmiths handle this kind of service and are able to get it done in a timely manner while charging less than a car dealership charges and provide you with a working key fob.

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