Master Key System

What Is A Master Key System?

A master key system allows one key to open several locks. Those who are authorized have access to different doors within a system. A master key system allows security with as few keys as possible. The system is easy to use with only one key needed and simplified organization.

Most master key systems operate with a basic pin tumbler lock. To open this kind of lock, the pin stack, which consists of a driver pin and a key pin, must be elevated on opposite sides of the shear line. A key lifts the pins within the lock. The key pins are all different sizes. The driver pins are a universal size. The key has to have the right set of grooves to lift the key pins to the proper height. To convert a pin tumbler lock into a master key system, a master wafer pin is added between a driver and key pin. Once it is inserted, the pin stack will have two shear lines – one for the pin stack and one above or below the line for the master key.

Master key systems can be basic or very complex. The most basic master key system has two levels of keying. The lower level keys are called change keys. Each change key operates only one lock or one group of like keyed locks. They key at the top is known as the master key.  Within the master key system, one key may open two doors while another key only opens one of those doors and not the other. In order from lowest level to highest,

The master key system keys are as follows:

Change Key – Sometimes this key is called the sub-master key. It opens only one lock or locks that are identical. The lock that the change key opens can also be opened by the master key or, in more complex systems, the grand master key, or the great grand master key.

Master Key – In the most basic system, the master key is the top level key. It opens every lock of the change keys below it.

Grand Master Key – In a slightly more complex system, the grand master key will open every master key lock within the master key system as well as all of the subsequent change keys.

Great Grand Master Key – In the most complex master key systems, there is a great grand master key. This key will open all of the grand master key, master key systems and change locks beneath it.

The first step is to determine the size of the master key system. Considering:

  • Compose an organizational chart to determine who the current users are and existing needs.
  • Determine future requirements, up to a 10-year life of a master key system
  • Think about employee turnover rate through friendly and not-so-friendly terminations of employment
  • Think about the potential for increasing staff size
  • Think about what to do in the case of lost keys
  • Determine what type of locks your master key system will open
  • Expand an existing master key system.

Master Key System DenverBasic pin tumbler locks within the master key system are able to be made more secure by adding sidebars, using master rings, implementing restricted keys, employing multiple cylinders, using electronic controls, disk detainer locks, or use separate master key systems for different work groups or locks on separate parts of the building. Qualified locksmith technicians will know which ones best meet your needs.

When you are ready to install a master key system at your place of business, contact a local, professional commercial locksmith who will be able to walk you through the best master key system for your company's needs as well as secure your locks to prevent security risks with the master key system.

Who Needs Locks Rekey - Locksmith Denver

Who Needs Locks Rekey

Who Needs Locks Rekey?

Sometimes a lock doesn't need to be completely changed. Knowing who needs locks rekey services instead of a locks change can be the difference between a great expense, a lot of wasted time, and the regaining of peace of mind and security. Trustworthy locksmiths know who needs locks rekey services.

Some of the most common reasons to locks rekey are as follows:

A Recent Move

Did you just move into a new office or a new house? You don't know for sure who or how many people have a copy of that new key you were just handed to open your front door lock that will, in turn, be locked to keep you safe once you're inside. The only way to be certain you are the only one with access to your home is to either change out your locks entirely or to rekey your locks, keeping the outside locking hardware intact and changing the key that turns it to open.

Lost Keys - Locks Rekey DenverYou Have Lost Your Keys

Have you recently lost your keys and aren't sure whose hands they have ended up in? For your peace of mind and safety, it's a good idea to change the locks. However, if the hardware of the lock is still intact, all you need is a rekeying which will render the previous key useless and provide you with a new interior locking system with a new key.

Prevent A Burglary

Has your home or office recently been broken into? Take action to squash that feeling that you and your property has been violated. Regain that sense of security by rekeying the lock. Of course, if the lock has been kicked in or tampered with rendering it useless, a locks change will be necessary.

Fired An Employee - Rekey DenverEmployee Quit or Fired

Did an employee recently leave your office building or get fired? Did they accidentally or spitefully take their key with them? Rekey your locks to protect a possible retaliation visit or an attempt at confiscating sensitive information.

Those who need a lock rekey service are usually those who need to regain a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that they, along with a few trusted friends, employees, or family members, are the only ones who have access to a working key. As long as the hardware of the lock is intact and working well, all that is needed is to rekey.

Hire a Locksmith for Rekeying Your Locks

While it may seem like an easy swap out of locks and keys, it's best to call in the help of a professional locksmith when you need locks rekeyed. The work is actually quite tedious. First, you will have to purchase a rekeying lock kit that is compatible with your specific type of lock and manufacturer. Also, you will need to have access to the original key in order to take out the lock cylinder plug. So, if your reason to rekey is that you have lost your keys, you're going to find this to be a huge obstacle to work around not to mention the pure inconvenience and time spent to finish the job on your own.

Don't hesitate to get professional help. After all, it's your safety and peace of mind that is at stake. Call a trusted Locksmith Denver today when you are the one who needs their locks rekeyed.

When you need your locks rekey Denver don't waste any time! Call Locksmith Denver for professional rekey Denver service 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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