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Best Type Of Locks

Out of the common style of locks, which are the best type of locks, and how does the ANSI grading system work?

ANSI Grading System For Door Locks

The American National Standards Institute, abbreviated as ANSI, has established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each lock must pass rigorous testing for operation, security, cycles, door strikes, and weight testing. An ANSI rating of Grade 1 is the best. (more…)

Garage Door Common Repairs

Garage Door Maintenance Service Denver

You hit the button, and the garage door opens and closes! It’s easy to not think about your garage door until something goes wrong. You might even dismiss a loud creaking or groaning noise as normal, but they are not. Don’t ignore signs that your garage door needs maintenance. Avoid garage door breakdowns by calling an expert to perform a few inspections each year along with frequent lubrication of all of your garage door parts. (more…)

Reasons For Changing Your Locks After Moving To A New Office

Business Locks Change

When you move into a new office, just like when moving into a new home, the first thing you do is change your locks to remain safe and secure and to keep your workers secure. Your business and the employees who work there are only as safe and secure as its locks and keys that protect them. The best quality locks are designed well and are intended to last for years. still, not even the top-quality locks or keys last forever. These locks require maintenance, repair, and sometimes replacement or changing. (more…)

Garage Door Brands

Garage Door Top Brands - Denver Experts

Garage Door Brands

Denver Experts handles and installs all major garage door brands. In the years we’ve been servicing overhead garage doors and operators for homeowners and businesses in the Denver, Colorado area, there isn’t a single manufacturer or brand of garage door that we have not been able to install or repair to our customer’s satisfaction. We install and service every quality brand and manufacturer of garage doors and openers that are available on the market and are knowledgeable to recommend the best garage door brands for your individual needs and taste. (more…)

House Lockout

House Lockout

Did you briefly step outside of your house for a minute to get the mail, and then the door shut behind you locking you out? Or did your key just fell off of your key ring? Did you find yourself stuck outside with no way of getting back into your own home? It’s so frustrating, we know! Regardless of how it happened, call a local professional locksmith in Denver today to get you back into your home. (more…)

How to Find a Reliable Locksmith

How To Find A Reliable Locksmith - Locksmith Denver

How to find a reliable Locksmith is a question everyone asks when looking out for one. Anyone can trade or advertise as a locksmith irrespective of their competence, background or motive; therefore it is necessary to ensure that you’re going to use a reputable, professional, and reliable locksmith. Below are ways to locate a reliable locksmith: (more…)

What Is A Master Key System?

Master Key System

A master key system allows one key to open several locks. Those who are authorized have access to different doors within a system. A master key system allows security with as few keys as possible. The system is easy to use with only one key needed and simplified organization. (more…)

when is panic hardware required on exit doors

Panic Hardware - Locksmith Denver

Panic hardware is part of an exit device on doors designed to provide building occupants a way to quickly, easily, and safely exit the building during an emergency. There are requirements for educational facilities, buildings with assembly occupancy as well as some high hazard environments to have panic hardware installed. (more…)

Electronic & Keypad Locks

Keypad Lock - Locksmith Denver

What is the difference between a traditional lock and an electronic & keypad locks, and what are the benefits or possible cons to electronic & keypad locks? Traditional lock and key pin tumblers or deadbolts are widely used and understood. The basic idea is that you use a physical key to turn the lock open or locked. Electronic & keypad locks allow you to rid yourself of carrying a physical key because the key is either a number code that can be changed when necessary or a biometric code, which means you are the key. (more…)

Best Locks Brands

Best Locks Brands - Locksmith Denver

The most important quality to look for when installing new locks is security. Of course, how the lock works and functions, as well as the cost, is important as well. When it comes to locks, some of the brands have made a name for themselves in terms of quality and performance. Here are some great tips on what to look for when choosing the best locks brands. (more…)

Top Safe Brands

Top Safe Brands - Locksmith Denver

Keep your valuable safe by having a safe installed by an experts locksmith at your home or business. Store money, documents, sensitive, weapons, family heirlooms, jewelry, or any other priceless item inside the safe from thieves, fire, water damage, and simply to know where the item is with the peace of mind that it is safely tucked away. (more…)

Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith Near Me - Locksmith Denver

Locksmith Near Me 

Buy local is a nice idea in a nationalized business world, but when it comes to hiring a locksmith there is more to consider than merely supporting a local business. The locksmith you want to call has a local number or area code listed, and you don’t have a preference as far as what locksmith handles your lock and key needs, so why does it matter whether or not there is a local locksmith near me in the Mile-High City, Denver area? (more…)

Replacement Key Fob

Replacement Key Fob - Locksmith Denver

As complicated as they may seem to be on the inside, electronic key fobs are convenient tools to hold in your hand to provide you with remote unlocking, locking, alarm systems, and other features. Key fobs have a transponder built in that electronically communicates with the vehicle to prevent theft. They key won’t work unless it is programmed properly to sync with your particular vehicle. These key fobs usually require a battery to operate properly. And, of course, if you have lost key fob, that’s an entirely new problem. (more…)

How To Choose A Commercial Locksmith

How To Choose A Commercial Locksmith - Locksmith Denver

What Is A Commercial Locksmith?

A commercial locksmith is a professional locksmith who focuses on locks, access, and security of commercial businesses. Because they sometimes work with security systems, they are usually required to pass rigorous background checks. A typical work day may include installing new locks, repairing existing locks, assisting with lockouts, monitoring and researching security technology. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in locks, including knowing how to install both indoor, outdoor or master locking systems as well as keyless systems. When an employee is hired or terminated, the locking and security systems constantly change to keep up with the company’s needs. (more…)

Who Needs Locks Rekey

Who Needs Locks Rekey - Locksmith Denver

Who Needs Locks Rekey?

Sometimes a lock doesn’t need to be completely changed. Knowing who needs locks rekey services instead of a locks change can be the difference between a great expense, a lot of wasted time, and the regaining of peace of mind and security. Trustworthy locksmiths know who needs locks rekey services. (more…)

New Car Keys

Car Key Replacement - Locksmith Denver

New Car Keys Denver 

Do you need a new set of car keys Denver? Probably you will need them as quickly as possible. Though sometimes you may simply need an extra set of keys to hand to a spouse or a new driver in the family, usually new car keys Denver are needed because the set you had is now lost. If it’s not an emergency situation, you will be able to relax and find the best solution to provide you with an extra set of keys. If it’s a traditional metal key, it’s easy to have a new set of keys cut to design. Even electronic key fobs can be programmed with an aftermarket key. (more…)

The Importance of Deadbolt Lock

The Importance Of Deadbolt Lock - Locksmith Denver

Deadbolt Lock Installation In Denver CO

You’re careful to make sure you have working locks on your home or business, so how important is it to also have a deadbolt lock installed?

A good lock adds an additional point of security. Typically, doors have a spring lock inside the handle and then add a deadbolt lock for extra safety measures to prevent break-ins. According to the FBI, sixty percent of break-ins occur by use of force. If a burglar tries to kick in your locks, a deadbolt lock provides extra strength. (more…)

Mailbox Lock Change

Mailbox Lock Replacement - Locksmith Denver

Mailbox Lock Change In Denver CO

Are you someone who lives in Denver Colorado that might have lost your keys to your mailbox and need to have your mailbox lock change?

A lot of times people will make the mistake of going to their local post office to ask for a replica or an extra set of keys to their mailbox. We’re sorry to say, but your post office will not have a spare key for you. (more…)

When To Change Locks

When To Change To Locks - Locksmith Denver

When to change locks for your home, business or car?

You searched your handbag for your house keys, but can’t seem to find it. You looked around in the car, rechecked the key hanger and other places where you usually leave them. If you still can’t locate the keys, it is likely that you’ve misplaced them. The first thought that strikes you at that moment is to call a professional locksmith to open the door. However soon or later, you will have to consider changing the locks on your home because a lost of bunch of keys put your property and possessions at stake. (more…)

Mobile Locksmith Services

Mobile Locksmith Denver

Mobile Locksmith Denver Services

When you are searching for a locksmith in Denver, CO usually you will need a mobile locksmith Denver. A mobile locksmith Denver will provide you with all of your locksmith needs at your location and will save you time and money driving to locksmith store in the area. Locked out? Need your home or business locks change? Moved to a new house and want to have the locks rekeyed? Lost car keys? Our mobile locksmith Denver can help! (more…)

Car Lockout Denver

Car Lockout - Locksmith Denver

Car Lockout Denver

So you have reached your car only to realize that your keys are locked inside and you are in a need or car lockout Denver service. what should you do? Don’t spend your time! Call Locksmith Denver and our mobile locksmith will be at your location in 25 minutes or less! (more…)