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Reasons For Changing Your Locks After Moving To A New Office

6 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Locks After Moving Into a New Office

Owning or renting office space puts you in charge of the business. This means that you are the one who reaps the benefits of profit when your company is doing well. It also means you are the one responsible to ensure the safety and security of your office building, its contents, and the employees who work there.

One simple step you can take to make sure your new office is secure is to change the locks. Unless you are the very first occupant of the office, you just don’t know who has a copy of the key that allows access to the building. This should always be the first thing you do before moving anything or anyone into the new office space.

When you move into a new office, there are six reasons why you should change your locks. These reasons include general maintenance issues of locks wearing out over time, handling lost keys or key control after an employee quits or gets fired, knowing what after-hour cleaning or maintenance crew to trust with a copy of your keys, keeping your office safe after reported break-in attempts, and always staying up to date with the best technology to keep your office and workers protected.

Maintain your Locks

It may not sound like a huge safety concern, but the general maintenance of locks calls for you to change them every so many years. Depending on the manufacturer, the exact amount of useful time a lock will function varies. Since, when you move into a new office, you’re never really sure when the locks were last changed or maintained, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get a new locking system in place from the start. After that, be on the lookout for rust or wear and tear, and have routine maintenance and cleaning performed on a regular basis.

Change your Locks After an Employee is Fired or Quits

When an employee is fired or quits, it’s quite often an emotional time. Occasionally, one of these disgruntled employees will attempt to retaliate by trying to enter the office with harmful intent. Even if they turned in their keys upon leaving, they may have made a copy for themselves or for a friend or family member who may not have the best intentions in mind. Ensure the safety of your building and the workers by making it company policy to change the locks and keys whenever there is a shift in employment.

Only Give your Keys to Those You Trust

Turnover in after-hour cleaning or landscaping personnel can also be a cause for alarm. If you give a copy of your office keys to cleaning, maintenance, or landscaping personnel who have access to the building before or after business hours, it’s imperative that you have fully screened and trust them. However, when there is a change in personnel, even if they return their set of keys to you, it’s important to make sure you change the locks since you don’t know if they have made another copy.

After a Break-In Start with a Fresh Set of Locks

Break-in attempts either directly to your office or in the area is always an urgent situation to address, even if the break-in reported was nearby and not targeted to your door. Make sure your business is as burglar-proof as possible by installing a new locking system.

When you Don’t Know Where your Keys Are, Change the Locks

Lost keys is the number one reason people call for a locksmith’s help. But, the problem of losing a key runs so much deeper than a matter of inconvenience. Think about it. When you lose your keys, you don’t know for sure whether or not someone has it and is planning a break-in. Now, imagine an office that is filled with numerous employees, some of whom have misplaced their keys. This could pose a huge security issue with several copies of the key potentially in the hands of someone who could cause harm.

Know When it’s Time to Upgrade to a Keyless Option

Know when to upgrade to electronic keypad locks. For you and your employees’ utmost protection, stay up to date with the latest in technology. Newer locks are being made that don’t require a key at all. Many are designed with a keyless entry system that involves your only needing to remember a specific code. And, these codes can easily be changed whenever necessary. Additional advances in technology make your business even more secure with fingerprint, retina or face recognition options.

Find a Local Locksmith You Can Trust

Regardless of what types of locks you have chosen to keep your new office safe and secure, it’s always a great idea to have a local commercial locksmith on hand whom you trust to service your locks, give recommendations, or be there in a hurry in the case of an emergency. Be sure to interview local professionals and know who to call for help before you move into your new office.

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