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What is the difference between a traditional lock and an electronic & keypad locks, and what are the benefits or possible cons to electronic & keypad locks? Traditional lock and key pin tumblers or deadbolts are widely used and understood. The basic idea is that you use a physical key to turn the lock open or locked. Electronic & keypad locks allow you to rid yourself of carrying a physical key because the key is either a number code that can be changed when necessary or a biometric code, which means you are the key.

Electronic locks are locks which are unlocked or locked using a keyless code, retina, face recognition or thumbprint scan. They run on an electrical current. The current is used to power a motor, an electromagnet, or a solenoid. Electronic locks run on batteries or a battery backup in case the electricity goes out. Some have a light-up keypad to make it easy to see the key code pad even at night.

Keypad Locks- Locksmith DenverBenefits of Electronic & Keypad Locks:

  • Don’t have to worry about losing keys
  • Keyless entries make it easy for kids to let themselves into the house after school
  • If you are prone to losing keys, there is no worry since there are no keys to mess with or remember where you placed them.
  • Just remember a simple code, and you are able to open the door.
  • No worries about hiding a spare key for a burglar to find.

Electronic locks emergency security systems typically fall into two main categories:

  • Fail Safe
  • Fail Secure

In a case of a power outage or an alarm being triggered, a fail-safe lock will open to allow occupants to exit in safety. However, when the electrical current is blocked, the building is left unsecured. Contrary to the fail-safe lock, a fail-secure option uses electrical current to retract the bolt, but in the case of a power outage or alarm trigger, the bolt remains locked. While this could potentially pose a danger to occupants during an emergency, it keeps the building secure from would-be criminals.

Electronic Lock - Locksmith DenverPros and Cons of Electronic & Keypad Locks v. traditional locks


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Codes may be changed when necessary, so no need to re-key. Just change the code.
  • Keypad lights up making it easier to see in the dark
  • Comes in many styles, designs, and finishes


Since it runs on an electronic current, if the current is interrupted, it could compromise the integrity of your security.

Batteries need to be replaced from time to time

If your keypad uses biometric codes, it may be too forgiving, allowing entry to those it mistakenly identifies as you, or too exact, leaving you to be locked out of your own home.

Electronic & Keypad Locks Best Seller 

Trilogy T2 DL2700WP – Digital Commercial Keypad Lock

Alarm Lock DL5300 Trilogy 200 – For Commercial Use 

Schlage FE575-PLY-FLA Plymouth Keypad Entry – For Commercial & Residential Use

Baldwin 8252.AC1 Boulder Keyless Entry Single Electronic Deadbolt – For Residential & Commercial Use

Kwikset 909CNT SmartCode – For Residential Use 


Generally speaking, if you are prone to losing your keys, electronic & keypad locks are the ideal answer for you never worrying about losing your key again. Talk to a professional locksmith for your business today to discover which style of electronic & keypad locks is best for your security needs.

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