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How to Find a Reliable Locksmith

How to find a reliable Locksmith is a question everyone asks when looking out for one. Anyone can trade or advertise as a locksmith irrespective of their competence, background or motive; therefore it is necessary to ensure that you’re going to use a reputable, professional, and reliable locksmith. Below are ways to locate a reliable locksmith:

  • Look Out for Third party approval

When seeking to hire a locksmith, we suggest you look out for 3rd party approval by visiting credible locksmith organization websites such as Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). Such approval indicates that a locksmith company has been vetted and approved; that it is regularly inspected and has a qualified locksmith who has an exam based proof of competence on standby to attend to you. There are a few credible locksmith organization websites out on the internet that require the locksmiths listed to meet certain requirements and qualifications.

An example of a reliable 3rd party site you can get credible information is; a website sponsored by Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). This website which allows you to search by company, location or type of services required only features professional locksmiths registered with ALOA. If a locksmith claims to have been approved by other associations, you may want to check out the requirements for this approval as some associations make approval available based only on payment of money. Such “accreditation” doesn’t mean so much actually.

  • Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of mouth or recommendation is another great way to find a reliable locksmith; ask family or trusted friends if they have had lock work done before, if so by whom and were they happy with the service provided. We’ve all heard how powerful word of mouth advertising can be. Ask your neighbors, real estate agents or other people you trust for references. Good locksmiths build strong relationships with their clientele.

Be careful to only ask trusted people for references. Asking a random stranger is not ideal in this situation that involves the integrity of your home’s security.

  • Go Local instead of National Call Centers

Using your local professional locksmith is important. Be wary of using national call centers when hiring a locksmith as they often subcontract it out to anyone around, without necessarily carrying out full checks on them or know how good a job they will do. They are also pricier than a local licensed locksmith.

  • Local Shop

It’s a digital world but setting up a brick and mortar shop is a sign of a legitimate professional locksmith whose business is devoted to making homes secure for the long haul. It’s advisable to visit their brick and mortar store location to get a feel for how they conduct their business and how good they treat their customers.

  • Beware of Fraud

There are so many sites and forums out on the web that may appear legitimate but require no verification process. Trusting sites like these could land you in a vulnerable situation. Sites like these can be deceiving, so always give a call and ask lots of questions to determine if the locksmith is, in fact, trustworthy.

Upon calling a locksmith, if the legal business name isn’t stated, ask for it. If there is any hesitation or push back, there is probably a cause for concern. Hang up and move on.

  • Check Credentials

A professional locksmith should possess a valid state locksmith license or registration. Make sure to ask for this upon obtaining service. Also, double check to see if your locksmith is who they say they are by asking to see a valid ID and proof of ownership. This is done to protect all parties involved.

  • Locksmiths Offer Services Beyond just Locks & Keys

Locksmiths do far more than simply house locks and keys. It is crucial to think of the specific service you need before hiring a local locksmith as most locksmiths specialize in particular aspects of the job. For example, if you need keys cut and programmed for your vehicle, you’ll need to use a locksmith who has auto locksmith skills. If you need to open a safe, then it pays to ensure the locksmith has good safe technician skills.

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